Monday, October 12, 2009


ST2 bw final

As a stay at home Mum to 2 busy boys (and a third much older one I'm married to), I am so thankful to be able to be able to fit my Stampin' Up! business around my family. 

I am able to stamp when the boys are in bed, I can do workshops or classes during the day when the boys are in school or when Harry is home in the evenings to look after the boys.   It's been such a blessing so far, and the amazing journey has only just begun.

How it all began for me in the United States ...

I had just started scrapbooking when I saw a Stampin' Up! catalogue on a co-workers desk.  I looked and it and asked her all about it. 

I rang the demonstrator on the back of the catalogue and booked a workshop.  At that point I didn't know that my life would be changed just from that one little decision!

After that first workshop and the HUGE wish list that I had come home with, I decided that I had to sign up as a demonstrator - just to get the discount for myself.   After all, I was never going to do workshops, and I was only going to do scrapbooking, never cards!  I guess you should never say never ...

I was 7 1/2 months pregnant when I signed up, and when parker was born my girlfriend Kim asked me to do a workshop for her.  I didn't want to, but I finally gave in.  The workshop was just my friend Kim and just 1 guest when Parker was just 2 weeks old (I guess he was guest # 2!).  I was so nervous, but the sales were great and I paid for my starter kit with that 1 workshop.  Maybe workshops weren't so bad after all ... it was the beginning of a wonderful journey that is still continuing to this day!

... and then Stampin' Up! hit New Zealand ...

When Harry, the boys, and I decided that it was time to move back to New Zealand I kept calling Stampin' Up! USA and telling them they HAD to come to New Zealand because there was nothing like it here.  I was so sure that it was going to be huge if they ever came to New Zealand, that as soon as Stampin' Up! announced they were coming all the way down under (they had already been in Aussie a year at that point), I immediately signed up! 

It has been an unbelievable journey to this point.  It has been so much more successful than I would have ever thought possible. 

I now lead an amazing team of over 80 demonstrators throughout New Zealand, and have been honoured to have been named Stampin' Up! New Zealand Demonstratator of the Year - placing 1st in 2008 and 2nd in 2009.  I was also awarded the Leadership Award in 2009 for the most promotions in my downline during the year - how cool is that - not only do I get the pleasure of seeing my team succeeding, but then I get rewarded for it as well, it's just too awesome!

Not only have I made so many friends who started out as both downline and customers, but I get to meet lots of new people at every workshop who are normally happy to see me!  Where else could you find a job where 99% of the people you meet are smiling??  I tell you, it's amazing!

Harry and I have already enjoyed two fully paid incentive trips courtesy of Stampin' Up! were we got to hang out with Shelli Gardner and loads of amazing demonstrators from all over Australia and New Zealand and we can't wait to go on lots more in the future.  Stampin' Up! has changed our lives in ways that we never could have believed 7 years ago, but it has been such a blessing on so many levels.

I would love to have the pleasure of introducing you to our amazing Stampin' Up! family, so call me or e-mail me and let's talk ...